Wapakoneta Across the Globe

Since the late 1800s, YMCAs have been involved in international work. The Wapakoneta Family YMCA is part of an international YMCA network—a powerful alliance dedicated to strengthening our global community of 46 million members in 120 countries. Because of this global reach, we are able to respond to trends in migration, health, economic livelihood and education that are reshaping our communities.

The Wapakoneta Family YMCA has been formally involved in international work since 2016.  The Wapakoneta Family YMCA is a founding partner of the Asian-Pacific Islander Network of YMCAs.  We are partnered with YMCAs from across the United States providing resources, knowledge and support to the San Pablo YMCA and the Albay YMCA in Legazpi, Philippines.   

From 2016-2021, the Wapakoneta Family YMCA, through a partnership with the Central Stark YMCA of Ohio, provided support and resources to the Lurgan YMCA in Northern Ireland.  The partnership ended in early 2021.

To contribute, or learn more about, our international partner Ys, please email info@wapakymca.org.

The pictures on this page are from a visit to our partner Ys in the Philippines in 2019.