Personal Training

Personal Training

The YMCA uses independent contractors for all personal training at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA.  Contact Lindsay Zielonka at 419-739-9622 or for more information.  



Janna Ross is a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist

It’s not just about exercise!

The landscape of health and wellness can be hard to navigate on your own. There are tons of different suggestions and tips regarding workouts, nutrition, stress management, mindfulness, goal setting- you name it- and it can be overwhelming to sift through.  Connect with me and together we will work toward your personal goals whether it's to lose weight, become stronger, eat healthier, or manage stress among several others.  I am here to offer a plan designed just for you plus tons of encouragement, guidance, and accountability. You 100% deserve it. 

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Mission Fitness

Sarah Williams is a NASM certified personal trainer, who is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals! Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain mobility, or achieve an overall healthier lifestyle, Sarah would be honored to help you along in your fitness journey. At Mission Fitness we pride ourselves on our no judgement, integrity based training style. We want to help people at all different fitness levels gain confidence and provide the tools to succeed in accomplishing their goals!

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Kristel Hawkins, NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Kristel is a NASM certified personal trainer whose athletic background is competitive figure skating and track field events. She currently is an active powerlifting competitor. Since 2017, she has led Strength Train Together and Core Focus Together group Fitness classes, and helped launch the EnhanceFitness class in 2019 and continues to lead that as well.  Whether your goal is to build muscle, enhance athletic performance, lose weight, regain range of motion, or improve balance, Kristel will actively be with you on each step of your fitness journey.

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