Kamp Kermit


Kamp is offered 5 weeks throughout the summer and is designed to keep your preschooler on track through the summer.  We will sing, paint, tell stories, make crafts and much more.  Kamp runs from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm for those ages 3-5, not yet enrolled in Kindergarten. Children must be potty trained.

For 2020, the following are the dates of Kamp Kermit:


More information coming soon!

Preschool Specialty Camp

Did your kids have so much fun during Kamp Kermit they want the fun to continue?  Check out one or all of our preschool specialty camps offered through out the summer. 


Preschool Art and Music Camp

Do you have a budding Picasso at home? Bring them to the Y for a week of creative play! Each day we will work on an artistic masterpiece. But don't worry your preschooler won't get bored from sitting. We will have many Go Noodle dance and music breaks through out. This is a great way to keep those motor skills working during Summer Vacation.

June 10-14     5:00-7:00pm    Ages 3-6

Cost:  $25-Members    $40-Access/Non Members


American Girl Mini Camp

Bring your favorite doll and spend the adventure crafting and exploring. Bring a change of clothes and any other accessories you may want. We will have arts and crafts, dance parties, and daily tea parties with snacks. Win awards for kindness, teamwork and creativity. This camp only runs 3 days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

June 24, 26, 28     1:30-3:30pm     Ages 3-7 

Cost: $15-Members    $25-Access/Non Members


Sports and Play Camp

This program will introduce your child to a variety of sports each day. Examples of some of the sports that will be introduced are basketball, swim lessons, soccer and t-ball. We will spend time working on skills, and playing games. Between skill work the kids will have the opportunity to play fun gym games and build friendships through out the week! This is a great way to keep your kids moving through out the summer.  

July 8-12     5:00-6:00pm    Ages 3-6

Cost: $15-Members   $25-Access/Non Members


Preschool Nature Camp

Do your preschoolers love the outdoors? Join us for a week of fun with nature! We will do kid friendly environmental experiments, art work, and even music. We will venture out and find our favorite leaves, rocks, birds, and bugs in nature during our time together. And of course our favorite part, some outdoor playground fun! Let your kid continue to learn about our world while getting their hands dirty during summer break

July 15-19    9:00am-12:00pm   Ages 3-6

Cost: $25- Members     $40- Access/Non Members


Kindergarten Bootcamp

Is your child entering kindergarten in the next two years? Let us help prepare both you and your child. We will work on skills such as tying shoes, writing our names, opening lunch packaging, plus much more. We will end the camp with our bus safety ride on the YMCA bus.

August 12-16   5:00-6:00pm   Ages 5-6

Cost: $15- Members    $25- Access/Non Members