Help Position the Y to Respond to Community Needs

Thank you for trusting the Wapakoneta Family YMCA.  We are working as efficiently and fast as we can to respond to your needs.  Please be patient with us.  We are updating this every day, if necessary. Due to limited staff, we are asking you to follow the directions below for your needs. Best way to reach us:

Wapakoneta Community:

Like you we are adjusting to the normal here at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA - whatever that is!  I want to thank you for your loyalty and compassion.  As we made our announcement that we were closing indefinitely, we had many people reach out and ask – “how can I help?”

First – we would ask that you pray!  Pray for our community, our state, our country and our leaders that are trying to guide us through this crisis. Pray for our local restaurants that are struggling.  Pray for our churches that getting creative with their mission work. Pray for our other fitness establishments that are walking this path with us.  Lastly, pray for our staff and members – and know that we are praying for you!  

We have over 50 staff at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA.  For many of them, this job is their sole income.  The best way you can help support the Y is by keeping your membership.  We would prefer that you were here with us – using us as a distraction from the stress of the world.  We are asking that you stay with us – not as a fitness facility, but as a partner in supporting our staff and promoting our mission.  We know not everyone will be able to do that – and we understand that. 

Additionally, help us position the Y for when the community need us to meet critical needs.  We will be a vital component of the underpinning of the social structure of our community. Help us lift up the vulnerable members of our community by continuing to support your YMCA.

For those that are willing to keep your membership going and not asking for a refund – know that we will use those funds to support our staff team, and cover on-going expenses at the Y.  For those that want to hold their drafts, or cancel their memberships, or ask for refunds, we will place links at the bottom. Due to the restrictions, we are not operating at full operations and we will not have the staff in place to respond to all your calls quickly. We are asking you to follow the guidelines on the website - from the links below. 

The website will provide you all the answers for placing a hold or asking for a refund.  It will also detail that unless you tell us to stop the drafts they will continue in April and on-going.  For those that use the Y, but don’t directly pay for memberships, we would ask that you consider making a donation to support the Y in the community.

Lastly, Wapakoneta is the best community for people to come together.  We love our members and our staff. This situation will make our community stronger – and make your Y stronger. 

We will see you soon!  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers):

updated 3/20/20 - 2:33 pm

1. Is the Y closed?

Yes.  The Governor has not provided insight into the length of the shut-down.  We will update you once we know more.

2. How long will the Y be closed?

We do not know.

3. I am a full-pay member, how do I get credit if you are closed?

For those that make a request, we will extend your contracts by one month, or more if necessary, depending on the term of the closure.  To request an extension to your annual membership, please click here.

4. What will the Y do with our continued support? Don't you have available cash for an emergency?

Your support will allow us to provide support to our part-time staff.  It will also allow us to cover our mandatory expenses without going into significant debt. Of course we have contingency funds, but depending on the length of this shut-down they will be depleted.  Every little bit helps.  

5. How can I help the Y?

As stated above, we would ask for your prayers - not just for the Y but for our entire community.  There are many people affected economically, not to mention medically.  

Please consider keeping your membership.  We are hoping to provide support to our part-time staff through this time.  Some of them rely on the Wapakoneta Family YMCA, and your dues, to pay bills and put food on their table.  We know not everyone can do this - and we understand. 

6. I want a refund from the March draft since you are now closed - how do I get that, and when?

If you would like a refund, please click here. Please provide your name and address. Please allow 20 days for processing. You will be sent a check. The link directs you to an email.  If your device does not open an email, you can manually email us at:  You will get a response once we have received and processed your request.  

7. Are you planning on drafting on April 15, 2020?

As of now - yes. We have no idea when we will be allowed to open back up.  If you want us to hold your membership, or cancel it, please click here.  There is NO charge to put your membership on hold. Please understand when the Y opens back up, you will need to take your membership off hold or you will not have access to our Y or any other Y.  If you cancel, and decide to return to the Y, you will be paying the higher rates.  We strongly recommend putting your membership on hold. You have two options for the hold:  1. Hold until we open back up from the Governor's order OR 2. Hold until July 15 draft when construction is scheduled to be completed.  Feel free to put your desire in your email. DO NOT CALL THE Y ASKING FOR HOLDS OR REFUNDS.  Please use the links on this page - this allows for a paper trail.  If we do not hear from you, we will draft your account on April 15.  We are hoping to be open before that.

8.  My company payroll deducts - can I place my membership on hold?

Unfortunately, no.  If you are unwilling to support the Y - please ask for a refund here.  Please provide your name and address. Please allow 20 days for processing. The link directs you to an email.  If your device does not open an email, you can manually email us at:  You will get a response once we have received and processed your request.  You can also cancel - however, you will be subject to processing time with your company AND if you return you will pay higher rates.

9. I am a Silver Sneaker, what do I need to do?

Nothing.  However, we get paid by the amount of visits you have at the Wapakoneta Family YMCA.  Since the Y is closed, we will not be receiving any revenues from this.  The best way to support us would be to consider a donation.  You can mail a donation to:  Wapakoneta Family YMCA, 1100 Defiance Street, Wapakoneta, Ohio 45895, Attn:  I Support the Y. To donate online, click here.

10. What about programs?

As of now we are expecting to be able to restart programs on April 27.  Spring registration starts around April 6. For updates on our programs click here.

11.  Will this delay construction and the re-opening of full facility timeline?

We do not know.  

If you have more questions, the best way to reach us is at:  You can call us at 419-739-9622, however email will be a quicker response.